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American Standard Limousine

What happens if my plane is early or late arriving?

                 Pride Limouisne Service updates all flight arrival times and we arrive when your plane lands, no matter     
                  whether you arrive late or early provided we have a correct flight number.

How much time do I have to meet the Chauffeur on my Airport Transfer Reservation?

               Pride Limo Service provides 30 minutes (45 minutes for Until. Arrivals requiring customs clearance) of        
                free wait time on each Airport Arrival Transfer for you to deplane and pick-up your luggage. If you do not   
                meet your Chauffeur or call us  within 30 minutes (45 minutes for Int. Arrivals) of your plane landing we       
                will consider you a "no-show" and you will be charged in full for the reservation.

Can I instruct the Chauffeur to take a scenic route to my hotel from the Airport?

              Pride Limo Service Airport Transfer rates are based on a point to point transfer and your Chauffeur is         
               instructed to use the most direct route for expediency. If, you would prefer the Chauffeur use a specific       
               route our hourly rates and minimums will apply, plus applicable fees/taxes and gratuity.

Is the Limousine bar stocked with beverages?

              No, the bars are not stocked; however, glasses and ice can be provided upon request; and depending        
               upon your reservation, we will provide additional pricing and accommodate certain requests.

Where do I meet my Chauffeur for pick-up?

             Each pick-up location is different. Airport pick-up location would be determined when making a reservation.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations are accepted by phone only.

            Airport Arrivals & Departure Transfers: Pride Limo Service requires that cancels be received no less than     
             8 hours prior to p/up time. Round trip Orders must be cancelled as 2 separate orders

            Hourly Charters, Packages, Specials & Tours: Pride Limo Service requires that cancels be received no         
             less than 48 hours prior to p/up time.

           Until. Reservations (Outside US/Canada): Pride Limo Service requires that cancellations be received; no        
            less than 72 hours prior to p/up time. Round trip orders must be cancelled as 2 separate orders

           If you fail to cancel by the prescribed time frames prior to your p/up time you will be charged in full for the       
            order. A $10 admin fee is charged per order on cancels that are cancelled by the prescribed time frame for   
           processing (Admin Fee n/a for Corp. Acct s).

          All Deposits are non-refundable; even if you cancel w/in prescribed time frames. The balance in full will be      
           due should you fail to cancel by prescribed time frame or no-show at p/up. If you cancel by the prescribed       
           time frame the balance is waived

What is your Change Policy?

          Pride Limo Service requires that all changes be received by phone (changes cannot be made with drivers)     
           at least 3 hours prior to p/up forUS/CDN Orders; 6 Hours for Until. Orders & are subject to availability. If, a       
          change cannot be accommodated & results in a cancellation you will be charged in full for the order.                
           Reductions in the amount of time or vehicle size ordered are NOT permitted once an order is confirmed.         
           Tours, Specials and Package Orders are NOT permitted to be changed to standard hourly reservations          
            once confirmed.

When is my credit card charged?
        Pride Limo Service will give you options. For corporate accounts ,with pre-authorization application on file, we   
         process all the charges at the last day of the month, or process it as we agreed upon . For private accounts ,   
         we process the credit card after the drop-off.

Can I pay for the reservation in Cash instead of using the credit card that was provided when I made the

       Yes you can however, you do need a credit card to secure your reservation .

Is it possible to place, change or cancel a reservation with my Chauffeur?

       Pride Limo Service requires that all changes, confirmations and cancellations be called into our dispatch            

If, I place a reservation for 8 hours, but after pick-up I realize I require less time; will I be charged for the full 8 hours?

        Yes, Hourly orders are billed the number of hours you ordered the vehicle for .

How far in advance should I place my reservation?

        Availability changes daily and we suggest you place reservation as soon as you have firm travel dates and